Breeder Farms

Our breeder farms across Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are maintained in different flocks to ensure premium-quality eggs supplied to the hatchery units.


We generate optimum hatchability and chick quality which can only be achieved when the eggs are held under optimum conditions.

Broiler Integration

We started with chicken retailing in 2004 with an approach of integration, which again followed the concept of a win-win partnership with the farmers.

We have the largest production and distribution networks of commercial live broilers in south India. Our commercial broilers are raised with great care using only customized feed for optimum growth.

Feed Mill

We have the best-in-class feed mill located in Kolar. Inaugurated in 2015, the mill houses a well-equipped laboratory and modern machinery to ensure the production of high-grade products using suitable raw materials.

Processing Unit

We have recently started a new product line - processed-chicken - with the brand name 'Truly Fresh'. To guarantee a consistent supply of fresh chicken meat, we are delivering the birds directly from our own integrated farms. Like feed supply, we deliver the products using our own disinfected and temperature-controlled vehicles.


Quality control of both feed and raw materials is essential for the poultry industry. As quality control department is fully dependent on the analysis protocols, which helps to decide whether the feed is to be accepted or rejected. In our laboratory, a chemist analyzes the presence of different nutrients such as protein, calcium, fat, salt, ash as well as moisture content to make the standard formula for feed production.