About us

Sriya Farms and Feeds Private Limited is a fully integrated poultry company with a presence across southern India. We are involved in poultry nutrition, feed production, commercial broiler integration and chicken processing.

Our other division, Sriya Farm, operates the entire process of breeding & genetics and hatchery operations.

Over the last 16 years, we have developed the poultry industry first in Karnataka through innovative operations.

The company is also at the forefront of Corporate Social Responsibility, by contributing significantly to the rural economy by working with farmers and creating substantial rural and urban employment, we strive to be a model corporate citizen. We are poised to achieve unparalleled status in the poultry industry by generating a turnover of Rs. 1000 crores by 2022.

Our History

Sriya Farm was set up in 2003 with the burning desire to create a regular source of income for the rural poultry farmers. The company is headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The organization provides value-added services to the poultry & livestock feed production and chicken processing industry. The company provides direct employment to more than 500 well-trained professionals.

Key Milestones

Over the last 16 years, we have reached several milestones. Some of these are:

  • Placement of 1.2 million day-old-chicks per year in Karnataka
  • Integration of 40 lakhs sq. ft. of poultry farm space with Farmers
  • Created a permanent source of income for nearly 800 farmers
  • Expanded to form 8 branches across southern India
  • Revolutionized the breeder farms and hatcheries
  • Designed an ultra-modern feed plant; producing quality pellets and crumb feeds for the chickens
  • Our isolated breeder farms are equipped with the latest technology and stringent bio-security norms

Our Presence

Currently we are in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and some regions of Tamil Nadu, with plans to expand the business to entire south India.


To reshape the lives of poultry farmers in India by ensuring a higher standard of living for them.


To promote best practices in the poultry farming sector through state-of-the-art technology. We believe that collaboration is the key to success. Hence, we regularly conduct meetings with farmers, traders, and retailers to achieve desired success.


We are constantly striving to achieve the highest levels of operational excellence through well-defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), business values and ethics. We aspire to:

  • To build a better future for team members by 2020
  • To build a stronger network of farmers, traders, and suppliers by 2020
  • To become India’s #1 poultry company by 2022
  • To provide high-quality poultry chicken products at reasonable prices by 2020

Our Business Beliefs

We have built our business around certain core beliefs and ethics which helped us to be where we are today. Our four pillars of business beliefs are:

QualityA driving force for the organization across the value chain.
EthicsManage the business by adopting the best practices of corporate governance and ethics.
Customer FocusSeek to understand customer needs and focus on customer satisfaction.
Respect for PeopleRespecting people and their contribution is the most important belief for us.

Management Team

Our Managing Director, Dr. M.L. Suresh Babu, a veterinarian by profession, has more than 25 years of experience in this industry with significant exposure to international work environments. Before starting Sriya Group, Dr. Suresh Babu was a consultant with most of the reputed organizations in broiler and layer breeding operations industry.

Our Work Force

We have a strong well qualified and experienced Team Members who are driving the work force effectively to reach our aspirations. Prime areas of work force are in to Production, Marketing, Finance and Supply Chain Management apart from HR and Admin.

Corporate social responsibility

The prime corporate responsibility of our company is to be socially responsible and conscious about the interest of all the key stakeholders. We work hard to win and retain their trust. The objective is to meet the socio-economic, environmental, health and safety requirements of the local community.

"Winning Together" – is an earnest initiative that aims to make systematic contributions beyond just community service and social development.

Our focus is on identifying the areas of development and improvement with total transparency and sharing values with our team to become the model corporate citizen.